R18+ once a month

WIFI: MSS-FJKMRRJR5RXR | Pass: Jawbarunderground
X: @Jawbar-XIV | hashtag #Jawbar_XIV


nsfw animation

2 Min of animation 2 positions: 5M Gil
5 Min of animation 5 positions: 10M Gil᛭ 2-3 different angles per position

᛭ Requires consent from characters participated in it (unless it's npc)
᛭ All characters must be 18+ (no lalas plz)᛭ Only MxM, MxF available᛭ Threesome position (2 tops 1 bottom) + 1M Gil᛭Can't do Hroth, Roe, futa animation due to technical difficultiesDM discord @rep.tile for sample animations and details


Host Booking

30 Min Session: 300k Gil
1 Hour Session: 450k GilWhole Night: 2M᛭ Extra 2M if take hosts outside the venue area for whole night᛭ Whole Night is for 3 to 5 hrs Heavy Rp. Hosts have the right to end the session after 3hr᛭ Each session included with free access to the second floor VIP Lounge during the duration
᛭Approach staff with Looking for Party tag (green symbol) to book them(sfw & nsfw)

Shower service & gpose

15 Min Session: 150k Gil
Addional custom gpose : +50k Gil᛭ A Cute host showering and chatting with you


seasonal vip pass

Whole Night for 3 openings: 1M gil
᛭ Get access to VIP Lounge᛭ Can tour to the private room for 5 min if not occupied᛭ Free Flow drinks per person᛭ 10% Discount for any services᛭ Prebook host before the opening᛭ Early access to venue 15 min earlier᛭ Have privilege to have a session with the Boss if not occupied (+same rate as host)᛭ (Optional) sfw casual chat with a host of your desire for 30 min

Champagne Shower

15 Min Session: 500k Gil

᛭ Include bar buyout for 1 hour

᛭ Special celebration scenario and special mention during event

᛭ Shower you with luxurious Champagne

Bar Buyout

2 Hour Session: 1M Gil

᛭ Can only buyout when venue is opening

᛭ Customizable extra services with varied additonal fees

᛭ Special celebration scenario and special mention during event



Entrace fee and prizes varies depending on games
SFW: Winner got gils from prize pool

NSFW: Winner can have fun with hosts

᛭ Can choose either SFW or NSFW prizes

᛭ Fulfill your gambling desire by gambling with hosts


The white room

The black room

We have secret rooms private chambers, both 350/k hour and 1M/night



Only VIP can tour the secret rooms before purchase, for non-VIP these room are sold as surprise pack.
Note: Black Room and White Room are built on 2nd floor, not chambers, but our security will ensure your privacy.


᛭ Our venue is designated for adults aged 18 and older. Please note that we are an FFXIV R18+ venue, which means content or activities may not be suitable for all audiences. We ask that all guests respect the age restrictions and act responsibly while on our venue. No lalas are allowed for nsfw activities.
᛭ For all guests need to respect each other and practice mutual consent. This means, all interactions and activities between guests should be respectful and consensual.᛭ Please refrain from using the /yell or /shout chat functions, as these are for official announcements and staff use only. We need you to respect these guidelines and are not disrupted by excessive spam or unnecessary announcements.᛭ To ensure the privacy and security of our VIP guests, we kindly ask that you do not enter the VIP area or VIP rooms unless you have been granted permission.᛭ At Jawbar, we prioritise the safety and comfort of all our guests and staff. Therefore, any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior towards our staff, hosts, or other guests will not be tolerated, and will result in-game report action, Removal from our venue and get blacklisted. We take these matters seriously and will not hesitate to take necessary action to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all.